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(02) 8001 6506

About us

Who are We?

We are a Professional Fitness Business. We are passionate, committed, & dedicated to your health, fitness and well-being.

We provide you with an alternative to attending the gym.

We are different for many reasons.

  1. Results are paramount. Reaching your goals are a must for us as much as it is for you.
  2. With our Group Training, the focus on Programs, not “classes”. Programs deliver the best and fastest results. Commit to the Program and results are guaranteed.
  3. We genuinely care about you, and what you are trying to achieve.
  4. A Proven System. Our system for weight loss, fat loss, toning and muscle building has been duplicated over and over again. Just look at our success stories!
  5. We structure an Individualised Program (that is realistic!) around your current lifestyle. You don’t need to train like an athlete to reach your goals!
  6. You have a 100% Guarantee to reach your goals provided you follow our instructions.
  7. We show you how to look past just achieving “a goal”, and show you how to maintain your success by adopting a complete lifestyle change.
  8. You have a range of services to choose from other than 1 to 1 Personal Training. See our Services Page.
  9. We have a strong Community focus. We provide health, fitness, and well-being services to people with disabilities, aged care, and youth services.
  10. Enjoyment.  The Program will include things that you enjoy doing.

Who we are not!

  1. A Dodgy, Part-time, or Casual “Cash-Only” business focused solely on avoiding the GST or the Tax Office, instead of providing our Clients with the services to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.
  2. A business that employs “Over-the top” Fitness Professionals that enjoy yelling, screaming or blowing a whistle at our Clients.
  3. A business that doesn’t care about customer service. We have feedback systems in place to ensure you are happy with the service you are receiving.
  4. Fitness Professionals that are “full of themselves” or that believe they are “God’s gift” to Personal Training!
  5. A business that wants to sell you things you do not need!