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There are four types of eating triggers

Sensations, Emotions, Locations and Relations.

Here are some tips to keep your eating plan on track, by beating your eating triggers. Grab your pen out and tick the ones you’ll try!


Eating triggers can be internal sensations like blood sugar levels or external stimuli like the aroma of food.

Here are tips for both types:

Physical sensations

Presence of food


Emotions and feelings like stress, anger or just feeling fat can subconsciously trigger you to turn to food when you really need something else to satisfy an emotional need.

When you feel your emotional trigger being pulled, visualise and verbalise (say it out loud) a stop sign STOP!


The best way to deal with specific locations as eating triggers is to have a plan and stick to it. Try these ideas:

At the supermarket: Don’t shop hungry! Eat something before you leave home.

At a hotel: Have the snacks in your room removed before you get there.

On a plane: Order a low-fat or low-calorie meal when you book your ticket.

At a business lunch: Start with a jug of water. Make salad a must-have menu item.

At a party: Move away from the food table and find someone interesting to talk to.

At work: Keep some healthy instant options like breakfast bars and fresh fruit handy for busy times.

Home alone: Have a healthy stock of foods available and pick one or two as the trigger back-up foods. For example, low-fat vanilla custard on a banana, sprinkled with a little cinnamon sugar, yumm!


Relationships with other people can provide a challenge for keeping your program on track.

Ask yourself these questions:

Am I encouraged to eat by others when I don’t want to eat?

_ Yes _ No

Do I eat to fit in?

_ Yes _ No

Do some people make me feel uncomfortable and food makes me feel better?

_ Yes _ No

Here are three tips to build better food relations:

So, which options did you tick?

If you have any questions about this weight loss tip please feel free to contact us. 

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