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Don’t always use the scale as the best indicator of success

Although when losing weight your overall goal is to actually see the kilograms move down on the scale, you also must look at the larger picture of how your body works, and also the larger goal of your weight loss.

Fat weighs less than muscle, and muscle is what gives you a “toned” shape. For the most part muscle shapes you, and fat sits on top of that shape.

Most people want to lose not just weight, but they want to lose the fat on top of their muscle so that they can expose their true shapely figure and look great. So the ultimate goal is not just weight loss, it’s usually fat loss.

If you are lifting weights to get toned and shape up, or if you begin running or cycling or doing any activity that requires your muscles to work at any significant level then you may begin to add shape to your body through muscle development. This may cause temporary scale weight gain. If this happens you may still see yourself in the mirror as looking better, and even if your clothes begin to fit looser, you may still see the weight on the scale go up instead of down.

If it happens to you please do not panic. What you must do instead is to use other indicators of success to measure your progress instead of just the scale.

Some great indicators of success:

Eventually the scale will begin to move down because you will probably reach a point where your muscle gains will level out and stop and then all your weight loss will start to move the scale weight down.

This usually does not take very long to see the scale weight go down, but every person is different.

The bottom line is, please measure your success with how you feel, how you look, how your clothes fit, and other people’s positive comments.

Also keep in mind that your weight will fluctuate from hour to hour, and day to day. What you eat, drink, and sweat out will have an effect on your scale weight, but this weight usually has no visible effect on how you or others see the shape of your body.

When using the scale, please only use it to measure long term success, you will see the weight go down, but please measure your scale weight on a weekly basis as a better indicator of success rather than daily or hourly fluctuations.

It sounds strange, but your scale may be your worst enemy in your weight loss at first, don’t always listen, it may be lying.

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