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Super Fit Challenge

Motivate You Fitness & Personal Training Small Group Training- Super Fit Challenge

Lose the last 5 kilos – is a Program designed for you to get results and to seriously challenge your fitness level.

The Program is designed for people that are at an “Advanced” Fitness stage. So the program is perfect if;

  1. You have a strong, all round fitness, and/or athletic background.
  2. You are a feeling a little bored with your current fitness activities
  3. You are looking for variety and something new to challenge yourself

This is not a Boot Camp program!

There is no yelling, no commando or army-style training, and no pressure to keep up with the fitter people in the group.

Traditional boot camps have people attending with different levels of fitness, different goals, needs and wants. Often, the groups are large with 30 or more people, making it difficult to meet your needs. Trying to cater to everyone often means that no-one is catered for.

Boot camp one size-fits-all workouts can be easy for advanced trainers with a great level of fitness. Boot camps are also about attending “classes” or “sessions”.

This is a Program.

Everyone in the group is working towards the same goals.

The Program is “advanced-level”; meaning that everyone will be at the same basic fitness level, and the exercises are based on you already having a strong foundation in fitness. You will not train in a group with fitness beginners, intermediate-level people, or people that need to lose many kilograms. This is also a natural progression for people that have gone through the “Fat loss for Beginners” and “Lose the last 5 kilos” Programs.

The Program is a 4-Week Program, runs 2 sessions per week, and it essential that you attend all 2 sessions (8 sessions per month). You can check out the options for times and locations on our schedule page.

The workouts, training program and nutritional support have been designed to fitness levels to increase in intensity from the previous week.

The workouts also include a strong focus on team and individual and challenges. You also have the support of like-minded people within the group.

The Program runs month to month, and commences the first week of the month and finishes the last week of the month.

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