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Are you working out and not getting results?

Whilst the gym provides its members with great equipment to facilitate the weight loss journey, most people find that it takes a while to see progress. Why is this?

First of all the being in a gym environment can be very boring, especially during individual exercise;  where you spend 20 minutes on the treadmill and 20 minutes on the weight machines. Secondly most individuals attending the gym don’t really know what to do with the equipment or how to use the equipment in what is best suited for them.

It is one thing to know how to operate the machines but to use in in a way which is beneficial to you can be difficult at times..bhb

Individuals who exercise at the gym or create their own programs realise that even after three or four weeks of results their fitness and weight loss gains begin to plateau and there is no progress being made. This is where High intensity training comes into play.

What is High intensity training?

High intensity training is a form of strength training and is characterised by brief and intense bouts of exercises which aim to place enough stress on the muscle to allow it to stimulate muscular strength or size. High intensity training is increased progressively as strength increases and its manipulated through either increasing resistance, increasing repetitions, time taken to complete the set and recovery time.

Example of a high intensity workout


Example of low intensity workout


The type of high intensity training is dependent on many factors including your fitness level, goals, time frames and any previous injuries. Injury prevention should be at the forefront of our thinking before undertaking this type of exercise due to its high risk of injury. Too much high intensity exercise without adequate recovery can be detrimental. A Personal Trainer will be able to guide and support you. Contact us about our 1-1 Personal training or Magnitude Fitness group which is a high intensity program

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