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I have never been a fan of working out ; and after my second baby I put on a stack of weight which I thought I’d never be able to lose. I was worried because I had never been so heavy. I tried the gym and dieting, exercising on my own at home; and got really down & frustrated because the weight just wasn’t coming off. It is so de-moralising when you try so hard to shift the weight, and it just doesn’t happen! Then I joined Motivate You Fitness & Personal Training, and now I actually look forward to my workouts. I have got some great results and can honestly say I have FUN at Outdoor Group Training! My diet has improved and I have found that I don’t feel I have to push myself to stay on track; it just is something that I want to do for myself now!

Janette C, 28, mother of 2, Liverpool

It has been a challenging and exciting journey . To date I have lost 19.7kgs and without the help of Motivate You and my trainer Jai I wouldn’t be where I am today. One of the greatest moments was realising a few weeks in that my body would not have been able to do what it has been doing. The support and training sessions were amazing, I can now proudly say that I am fit, healthy and in the best shape I have ever been in. I am happier and have gained so much more confidence within myself which I owe to Jai and Motivate You, he never let me give up and believed that I could push myself to the limit. I can honestly say that they genuinely care about you and strive to do all that they can to make sure your goals are achieved, I looked forwad to every training session. I am so thankful and I could not have asked for a better trainer and company to have been there when I reached the finish line.

Lisa, 23

My life has changed for the better and i couldn’t have done it without the help of Motivate You, and the support and expertise of my trainer Jai. To date I have lost 25.8kg and healthy eating and fitness have become my lifestyle. For the first time I can truely say that I am proud of myself, I have more confidence and I can do things I never thought would be possible. It has been a challenging and fun journey and I am truely grateful and so thankful for Jai and Motivate You, they genuinely care about helping you reach your goals, every personal training session was better then the last and filled with encouragement. Jai and Motivate you have taught me that it’s not about perfect it’s about effort and when you implement that effort into your life every single day, that’s where transformation happens and that’s how change occurs. Thank you for changing my life and I will be forever grateful for all your support and help throughout my journey.

Stephanie, 23

After working in IT for a number of years doing shift work I started packing on the weight and becoming increasing sick with liver problems, increasingly bad back and neck pain from an old football injury. Diets where not working and I was increasingly less mobile and becoming very tired. As the back and neck pain became debilitating I was reliant on Chiropractor up to 3 times a week just to get by. I knew something had to change after 1 full year of not getting better!! I began to attend 3 sessions of boot camp in Liverpool and battled through my existing pain for about 2 weeks and then found that the pain was going away and I was feeling increasingly better each week thereafter. Within the first 6 weeks I had lost 7 kg and feeling like I was in high school again with increasing amounts of energy. I than changed to 5 sessions a week for a couple of months as it became more than just about weight loss and better health but I was enjoying every minute of it. As the weight feel, my muscles were building very quickly and I did not do any additional exercise outside boot camp my progress was entirely reliant on the variation of exercise that you receive from the wonderful trainers at Motivate You. Having to buy a whole new wardrobe in the matter of months going from XL shirts to S and 42 waist to 34 I really did feel like a new person. The exercise is very safe and I was encouraged to do it at my own pace and not to hurt myself which would only hinder my progress. I did initial thought that boot camp was going to be some trainer screaming whilst your breaking your back. However I was gladly surprised as it was just really good encouragement, effective exercise and good people all in the same boat challenging each other, all endeavouring to better themselves. Now it has been 1 year now and I can easily maintain weight without extreme dieting and have reduced my chiropractor visits to once every 3 weeks. Thankyou motivate you and all the other clients that have help me feel so much better. A special thanks to Ariel for his ongoing support.

John A, 27, Customer Care Consultant – Liverpool

After getting married and moving to Sydney a few years ago I found myself in a routine of overeating with barely any exercise. I was unhappy and constantly regretting the condition I was in. From the moment I started the kickboxing and bootcamp sessions I found myself getting more and more excited about my fitness and body shape. Friends and family continually comment that I look fitter and happier than ever. Motivate You Fitness & Personal Training has restored my enthusiasm for exercise and a healthy lifestyle and I would recommend it to anyone!

Judy S, 25, School Teacher – Wattle Grove